Congratulations to the Paralympics GB BC1/2 team captained by Nigel Murray on their Bronze Medal victory at London 2012.

The match was a tense affair, with the GB team going 1-0 down after the first end but winning the second, third and fourth ends to lead 6.1. It was the fifth end, however, that got everyone on the edge of their seats, as Portugal took 4 points to make the score 6.5 going into the final end. (Nigel would later comment that he wanted to make it interesting!). The final end was just as cagey, but a huge cheer rippled through the crowd as the umpire signified that GB had won the final end – and hence the match – with the final score being 7.5.

The busy hall in the Excel arena was littered with GB flags, including a Leamington FC flag which prompted the pre-match announcer to refer to one side of the hall as ‘the Leamington side’! Devoted Brakes supporter Nigel and the team were cheered on by a large percentage of the crowd, including a healthy contingent of Brakes fans who suffered a pre-5am set-off in order to get to London in time. But was it worth it? Absolutely!

Good luck to Nigel and the other GB athletes as they start their Individual competition entries tomorrow (Thursday 6 Sep).

GB versus Portugal, Boccia BC1/2 Team Bronze medal match

Team listed on the big screens.

GB Boccia BC1/2 team v Portugal

GB from left to right: Dan Bentley, Nigel Murray, David Smith. (Not in photo: Zoe Robinson)

Nigel Murray (front) and Dan Bentley

Nigel Murray (front) and Dan Bentley

David Smith

David Smith throws as Nigel watches on.

Nigel Murray

Tense moments for GB

Dan Bentley

Dan at full stretch

Celebrating the win

Zoe joins the others to celebrate the win



Standing ovation from the crowd

ExCel Arena

ExCel Arena

Medal Presentation

Medal Presentation

Nigel receives his bronze medal

Nigel receives his bronze medal

GB celebrate with medals

GB celebrate with medals

Comments from supporters:

Steve Gilmour writes that his highlight was seeing the BC1/BC2 team when they got the blue bat to signify the had won the bronze. Steve’s message to Nigel and the team: “Wow, you made a day for me to remember for the rest of my life. Thank You all, Gilly!”

Steve’s overall feeling from the Paralynpics was respect for all the athletes. Commenting further: “There was suggestions of elitism creeping into the Paralympics, the only thing I saw in this was the desire to be the best they can from the athletes, it was great to see them happily mingling with the crowds. (and even having to be almost “dragged” away to get some food!!!!).”

Sadly illness prevented Pauline Fletcher from travelling to London on the day, but she was there in spirit, sending the message “Well done Nigel and team GB, proud of you all”. Pauline added that she has been in total awe of the paralympians – “The will to strive and succeed against the odds has been humbling, because succeed they have. I have enjoyed every event I have watched and been very proud to be British”.

Liam and Stuart Crutchley write:

“This was the first time we had watched Boccia played and really enjoyed it and believe me we were all on the edge of our seats during the last end.”
“As both teams were very accurate with their throws it was hard to tell who was the nearest even on the big screen it was hard to call, but as the last ball had landed it was Sylvia (Nigel’s wife) that caught my eye as she jumped up from her chair with her arms aloft which confirmed to us that TeamGB had won Bronze.”
“We had a Fantastic day at the Excel well worth the early start, the crowd were fantastic and really got behind Nigel and his team mates. Well done to TeamGB : Nigel Murray, Dan Bentley, David Smith, Zoe Robinson all I can say is RIO 2016 BRING IT ON”

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  1. lee matthews says:

    the pride on the teams faces when they won was fantastic to see, to meet the other members of the team was the highlight of my day. nigel as usual was a great ambassador to the town and to leamington fc, and great that they got hold of our flag for some photo”s. my TOP sporting moment of my life, thank you nigel and the team.

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