Donation Policy

Funds raised for donation will be recorded and will normally be donated after the event or reserved for later donation as follows:

– Amounts raised at home matches will normally be given as a straightforward donation.
– Amounts raised elsewhere will normally be reserved for donation as an application to purchase Club shares.
– Where an event or fund raising activity spans both situations then the amount raised will be split pro-rata between donation and share purchase.

Where funds permit the Trust may make other contributions, such as match sponsorship, for promotional purposes, the benefit of Trust members, supporters or the community.

If funds are being raised for any other purpose, then this and the proportion will be stated at the time, e.g. for membership fees or charity donation.

If a donation is being raised for a particular initiative, such as terracing or “Secure the Club”, then this will be stated at the time and when the donation is made it will be expected that the donation be ring fenced.

The above policy will apply unless special circumstances dictate otherwise.