Fan Experience Survey 2011: Results

Back in November 2011, the Trust undertook a fan experience survey to gauge Brakes fans’ opnions on a wide variety of topics. The Trust and the club worked together to devise the survey questions, and a team of Trust members with clipboards accosted just over 100 fans at the St. Albans home game on 26 November 2011.

It’s taken a long while to get the survey report finished off and we apologise for that, but we’re now happy to release it here:
(Right click – save target as. Report is a PDF file).

Since the report was conducted, we all know that there was a spell of disappointing results and the subsequent failure to reach the play-offs. Nevertheless, we feel that the report is an accurate reflection of people’s attitudes at the time, and expect that a number of opinions will still hold true if the exercise had been completed much more recently. The results reflect very positively on the club as a whole, whilst constructively highlighting some areas for improvement.