Friendly opponents Kettering and their Supporters Trust

We thought Brakes fans might be interested to learn of the history and relationship between the Kettering Town FC and its Supporters Trust. This text is from theit website at, with thanks.

“?Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust was the second one to be formed in the country (after our neighbours Northampton Town) back in 1992. The Trust was instrumental in working with the Administrator, at that time, in saving Kettering Town Football Club when it went into  administration over 12 years ago.

When the Club was bought out of administration, (by the previous Chairman Peter Mallinger), the Trust took a back seat and, in practice, was dormant until February 2002. It was resurrected following the revelation, at a fans open forum with the Club’s Board of Directors, that it was facing another cash crisis.

In April 2003 the Trust converted to an IPS under the umbrella of Supporters Direct and is an active member of the East Midlands Trust Group led by Derby County. Since that time the Trust has been working hard to raise funds, some of which have been donated to Kettering Town Football Club and some of which have not.

Since February 2002 the Trust has donated £43,000 to the Club which has been used to pay players’ wages, fund loan players, sponsor the PASE team, purchase kit and medical equipment and much, much more. The funds have been raised from a variety of events and competitions, the main one being the 500 Club which is our main source of income.

The Trust has also tried to raise the profile of the Club in the local area. It’s initiatives have included organising and funding (via sponsorship) a half-time penalty kick competition for primary school children in the Kettering/Corby locality and a ‘Kids for Free’ scheme for a Poppies home game during the 2004/2005 season.  More recently, it has agreed to sponsor one of the Kettering Town Ladies Youth Teams for the 2008/2009 season.

The Trust also funded the painting of the ground during the Summer of 2003 and has donated money to the testimonial funds of both Craig Norman (2003/04), Martin Matthews (2004/05), Wayne Duik (2005/2006) and Brett Solkhon (2007/2008).

As a culmination of the Trust’s efforts, it was offered a seat on the Board of Kettering Town Football Club. The Trust was delighted to accept this offer and Dave Tailby (Trust Chairman at that time) took up the seat in August/September 2003. We completed a second season in 2004 with Mark Bulley as Trust Chairman on the Board and have since then took part in Management Committee meetings since the change of ownership of the Club.

The Trust believes it made a difference during its time on the Board, not only directly financially, but via its ideas which have included opening the social club at half-time, raising the Christmas raffle takings over the last 3-4 years, organising the fans game, organising the flag day, organising the kids for free initiative, tyring to bring Kettering Town Ladies to Rockingham Road and most recently looking at ways in helping the Club with the current ground situation.

A member of the Trust Board was responsible for helping the Club improve the programme editorially and financially 2-3 seasons ago. Two other Trust Board members also contribute to the match day programmes in terms of editorial.

The Trust wants to continue to help raise the profile of the Trust and the Club in our ever-expanding town and pursue ideas on how to achieve this. It also believes it can continue to help with fund-raising ideas and build on its current achievements”.

We wish our fellow Trust well with their continued endeavours.

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