Joint Statement

Joint Statement  from Brakes Trust and Leamington FC Board of Directors


Following a number of incidents of spectator misconduct over the course of this season we ask Leamington FC fans to fully consider their actions and the impact it has upon the good name of the club and their fellow supporters when at a game.


While it is understandable to have occasional emotional outbursts at any live event, persistent and foul abuse is completely inexcusable.


It is not only the performance on the pitch that encourages fans to stay and become long term supporters. It is just as much the atmosphere to which we all contribute, hopefully in a positive and respectful manner.


Leamington FC fans generally have a very good reputation within the game and this is something that both the Club and the Brakes Trust  take seriously – a good reputation lost is difficult to regain.


We also ask that those responsible for adhering ‘Stickers’ pertaining to LFC onto various objects at opposition grounds please desist immediately.  Please reflect – how would you feel if supporters of other clubs were defacing our ground.