Letter to Leamington FC Board

Update: Thurs 25th Feb’16:

The Brakes Trust board welcome that the club has arranged an open meeting on Friday 4th March, and hope that it can be a positive move forwards.

The club has requested a ‘pre-meeting’ between the Trust board and the Club board, but, in our customary spirit of openness, the Trust board has declined as we feel that the open meeting itself is the correct place for all discussion.

Original announcement: Tues 16th Feb’16:
Brakes Trust Vice-Chairman, Peter Davis, handed this letter calling for an open meeting to members of the Leamington FC Board at yesterday evening’s match at Hungerford Town:

FAO Jim Scott, Graham Moody, Kevin Watson, Russell Davis, Paul O’Rafferty

It has become apparent during the season 2015/16 that supporters have become disillusioned with on-field and off-field events. A number of supporters, following the game against Hitchin where the crowd dropped way below 400, asked Brakes Trust representatives to act.

Many fans have been debating calling an EGM, but we feel that in the interests of openness, and avoiding the timescales and costs that could cause the club in these financially challenged times, at this moment it would be deemed counterproductive.

The overwhelming feeling is that fans feel very much in limbo regarding the club’s future, the plans of the board and timescales involved.

The principal issues that are of concern are outlined below:

The First Team: The results and more importantly the performances of the men’s first team in home fixtures. Having few if any shots on goal in multiple games is preventing the club luring new supporters and most of all keeping current fans. Supporters feel that a new approach is needed, especially at a stage of the season where promotion and relegation are unlikely – this could be a crucial time to refresh the situation.

The Ground Situation: Any information on the timeline to the possibility of a new ground is progressing. It has been over a year since the shareholders voted to continue with the plan presented. With many current supporters not being shareholders, we feel this information should be shared to the wider public.

The Clubhouse bar. The sterile atmosphere caused by the removal of history, shirts, and scarves in the club bar is deterring supporters using it as a gathering place on a match day. A club bar should be the ‘beating heart’ of the fanbase pre-match, as should the terraces. Whilst supporters understand the need to utilise the facilities in a wider sense, many feel alienated. Whether that is through a change in seating, beer / food promotions, pre match events – something needs to change and supporters concerns should be listened to. If the bar is more profitable outside of football then that should also be shared.

If everyone is to pull together for the future of the Brakes, then there needs to be a clear and credible strategy for the future of the club that addresses the concerns outlined above. We understand that many supporters are staying away and we all need to address that situation, we are calling for an open meeting as soon as possible where the above points will be addressed and how to progress forward together.

Yours sincerely

Board of The Brakes Trust (on behalf of Leamington FC supporters)

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