Members’ Draws at home games

Members' DrawFollowing on from the continued success of the Members Draw in past seasons, the Trust renewed it for the 2021-22 season.

The draw will take place at each home game. At half time of each match, a Trust member’s name will be drawn at random, and he/she will win a £5 voucher to spend at a club outlet.
This includes the clubhouse bar, club shop, tea shop and the programme shop – but not the outside catering van.

The winners will be announced over the PA, and you don’t have to do anything to be in with a shot of winning (other than being a paid-up member for the current season). The Trust has covered the cost of the £5 vouchers with a donation to the club of the equivalent value, it’s just another small way of benefiting both the club and our members.

If any £5 vouchers aren’t claimed on the day, don’t worry we can give you your voucher when you’re next at the ground. If any voucher remains un-claimed then, after a while, it will be assumed that is preferred for it to be a donation to the club – but we do hang on to them, so if you haven’t been for a while just ask.

Good luck!

And the winners are:

28th Aug’21 Kate Fisher.
7th Sep’21 Steve Wharton.
11th Sep’21 Sean Bell.
16th Sep’21 Nick Hallworth.
2nd Oct’21 Andrew Calcutt.
9th Nov’21 Chris Gillespie.
20th Nov’21 Bill Benson.
27th Nov’21 Kev Hancock.
19th Mar’22 Jodie Gill.
15th Apr’22 Steve Carr.
23d Apr’22 Richard Bowyer.

6th Aug’19 Tony Bennett.
10th Aug’19 Pauline Fletcher.
24th Aug’19 Jack Godbert-Brown.
31st Aug’19 Russell Lee.
7th Sep’19 Vince Taylor.
21st Sep’19 George Sayell.
1st Oct’19 Marc Weissenberger.
5th Oct’19 Pete Warren.
12th Oct’19 James Ward.
23rd Nov’19 Carl Fennelly.
30th Nov’19 Wyn Grant.
3rd Dec’19 Mick Bennett.
7th Dec’19 James Saunders.
4th Jan’20 Leighton Burbury.
14th Jan’20 Susan Cullen.
18th Jan’20 Lynn Rivers.
21st Jan’20 John Alderman.
22nd Feb’20 Roy Sandison.
3rd Mar’20 Barry Gill.

11th Aug’18 Robert King.
18th Aug’18 Kevin Parker.
27th Aug’18 Leighton Burbury.
8th Sep’18 Phillip Robbins (voucher waived – thanks Phillip).
13th Oct’18 Ciaron Price.
27th Oct’18 Susan Cullen.
8th Dec’18 Jim Collen.
22nd Dec’18 Tony Baylis.
22nd Jan’19 Adrian Barton.
26th Jan’19 John Akerman.
9th Feb’19 Matt Greenaway.
16th Feb’19 Kevin Hancock.
2nd Mar’19 Jodie Gill.
16th Mar’19 Noah Bennett.
20th Mar’19 Duane Young.
30th Mar’19 Paul Reading.
13th Apr’19 Peter Greenaway.
22nd Apr’19 Andrew Stewart.

12th Aug’17 Vince Taylor.
19th Aug’17 Robert Bennett.
28th Aug’17 Keith Hancock.
5th Sep’17 Ray Nicholls.
23rd Sep’17 Carl Fennelly.
30th Sep’17 Mick Bennett.
28th Oct’17 Stuart Crutchley.
4th Nov’17 Jim Miller.
18th Nov’17 Marc Weissenberger.
27th Nov’17 Wyn Grant.
16th Dec’17 Paul Edwards.
6th Jan’18 Milo Carbury.
23rd Jan’18 James Mclean.
27th Jan’18 Noah Bennett.
23rd Feb’18 George Sayell.
17th Mar’18 Steve Carr.
31st Mar’18 Bill Benson.
14th Apr’18 Mark Chadderton (Voucher waived – thanks Chad).
19th Apr’18 Barry Gill.
28th Apr’18 Alan Turrell.

1st Oct’16 Andy Fincham.
4th Oct’16 Tony Bennett.
11th Oct’16 Roy Sandison.
25th Oct’16 James Ward.
29th Oct’16 Lynn Rivers.
19th Nov’16 Steve Boneham.
3rd Dec’16 David Bowen.
7th Jan’17 Steve Wharton.
14th Jan’17 Jamie Smith.
11th Feb’17 Katie Wales.
28th Feb’17 John Wilfred Smith.
4th Mar’17 Kevin Clifton.
18th Mar’17 David Hucker.
8th Apr’17 Jack Godbert-Brown.
17th Apr’17 Kate Fisher.
26th Apr’17 George Sayell.
1st May’17 Paula Bowen.

8th Aug’15 Stephen Davies.
22nd Aug’15 Adrian Barton.
31st Aug’15 Paul Holtby.
29th Sep’15 Tony Hall.
31st Oct’15 John Haines.
3rd Nov’15 Liam Crutchley.
(draw postponed until Oct’16 – volunteer not available)

9th Aug’14 Ron Ward.
23rd Aug’14 Bob Tolley (voucher waived – thanks Bob).
20th Aug’14 Peter Davis (voucher waived – thanks Pete).
30th Aug’14 Paul Vanes.
20th Sep’14 Tom O’Connell.
4th Oct’14 Martin Bennett.
11th Oct’14 Amy Matthews.
18th Oct’14 Robert Bowen.
1st Nov’14 James Saunders
22nd Nov’15 Jason Clough
17th Jan’15 Paul Holtby
31st Jan’15 John Bower
14th Feb’15 Chris Lonsdale
21st Feb’15 Craig Hochkins
7th Mar’15 Graham Ward

17th Aug’13 Stephen Davies.
26th Aug’13 Paul Vanes.
7th Sep’13 Simon Steele.
17th Sep’13 Jack Markham.
21st Sep’13 Jeremy Bigley.
21st Dec’13 David Hallworth.
28th Dec’13 Karen Kelly.
1st Jan’14 Alan Goldthorpe.
14th Jan’14 Janet Alty.
18th Jan’14 Christer Svan.
1st Mar’14 Simon Linton.
11th Mar’14 Stephen James.
15th Mar’14 Simon Saunders.
25th Mar’14 Erik Krummins.
29th Mar’14 Mark Davidson.
5th Apr’14 Peter Bowen.
19th Apr’14 John Collett.
25th Apr’14 John Bower.

14th Jul’12 John Turner.
25th Jul’12 Martin Bennett.
28th Jul’12 Mick Bennett.
21st Aug’12 Mick Haynes.
25th Aug’12 Ben Shemilt.
1st Sep’12 Mark Reilly.
15th Sep’12 Martin Carr.
2nd Oct’12 Oliver Edwards.
3rd Nov’12 A. O’Reilly.
13th Nov’12 David Clough.
17th Nov’12 Doug Lowe.
1st Dec’12 Paul Vanes.
15th Dec’12 John Alderman.
18th Dec’12 Kevin Markham.
1st Jan’13 Nigel Norris.
12th Jan’13 Richard Taylor.
6th Feb’13 Nick Prentice.
9th Feb’13 Marie Nicholls.
23rd Feb’13 Ron Ward.
9th Mar’13 Mick Hewer.
12th Mar’13 Pete Warren.
19th Mar’13 Graham Hobbins.
1st Apr’13 Lee Matthews.
13th Apr’13 Dawn Johnston-Smith.
23rd Apr’13 Deano Norris.
27th Apr’13 David Falp.

12th Nov’11 Pauline Fletcher.
26th Nov’11 Richard Bowyer.
10th Dec’11 John Collett.
31st Dec’11 Amy Matthews.
2nd Jan’12 Rory Groves.
11th Jan’12 George Thompson.
21st Jan’12 John Reading.
28th Jan’12 Paul McDonnell.
28th Feb’12 Sandy Stewart.
3rd Mar’12 Alex Sunyata.
17th Mar’12 Mick Hewer.
20th Mar’12 Sue Glover.
27th Mar’12 Steve Wharton.
9th Apr’12 Ann Miller.
14th Apr’12 Simon Saunders.
28th Apr’12 Conall Williams.

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