Membership renewal – Boost Your Club

Due to the urgent need to redress the impact of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on the club’s finances membership fees for 2020/21 will be used to contribute to the club’s Boost Your Club scheme.

£4 of the £5 adult membership fee will go towards a fund to make a donation to the club’s Boost Your Club fundraising scheme – with a membership draw to be made for any associated reward option(s). Also the adult membership fee will be reduced to £1 for members who are contributing directly to the scheme.

Click here to renew or start your membership for 2020/21.

Update (18th Aug’20): Even though the club’s ‘Boost Your Club’ fundraiser is now closed we will continue to put the majority of membership fees received in to our ‘Share In Our Club’ fund for the coming season so that we can continue to boost the club via further share purchases as the fund builds up again.

Update (10th Aug’20): Thanks to the generosity of our members and their quick response – we’ve raised £450 towards the club’s ‘Boost Your Club‘ fundraiser and have donated that to the club by way of an application for more shares to further boost our shareholding in the club on behalf of our members.








Boost / SIOC

Update (PM 9th July’20): as the club have announced to existing share-holders (including the Brakes Trust) that “any further investment in shares will also qualify for the rewards announced in ‘Boost Your Club‘” our contribution will be made in that way. Members can boost that by donating to our Share In Our Club Scheme.

I fundamentally think that money to the club from the Trust should always get a return for the membership, and one of our core aims is to buy shares in the club, which we continue to do.

However just this time around, with these unique and pressing circumstances, I think that we need to focus on a singular fundraiser that has the broadest appeal & the simplest message. That’s why we’re doing this to support the club’s Boost Your Club scheme.

Nick Rogers – Chairman – AM 9th July’20.