Why should I be a Brakes Trust member?

  • have a share and a say in how the Trust is run
  • create and enjoy events and initiatives for fans, club and community
  • benefit directly from discount schemes and the weekly Members’ Draw
  • have a say in how the Trust participates with the Football Club
  • It costs just £5 (£2 u16) per year to be a member – do it on-line at the bottom of this page

Click here to join or renew.

Brakes fans gather at our June 2010 launch event – our membership is growing – why not join us?

Membership benefits

Each adult member has an equal share in the Brake Trust.

Members Draw for a Club voucher at each home game.

Members Discount Scheme – some deals from local businesses – including Co-operative Energy.

have a say in how the Trust participates at the Football Club’s AGM as the Trust has shares in the Club and is hoping to purchase more – funded by the “Share In Our Club” scheme.

Have a say in how the Trust engages with the Football Club and the community.

Be part of fans, club and community events and initiatives like:

Renewal Policy

As each new season approaches, it’s time to start thinking of Trust membership renewals. The good news is that the subscription fees for 2020-21 have been kept the same – £5 adult and £2 under 16.

Membership is by annual subscription, nominally to coincide with the playing season for the first team of Leamington F.C. (June-May) and does not relate specifically to the anniversary of the original date of a member’s application.

New applications and renewals for the next season will be accepted from the end of the previous playing season onwards and the deadline for renewals is the second Monday in October.

Please don’t forget to renew, because, according to our rules, if a member ceases to be a member, the share registered in his/her name will be cancelled and the amount subscribed for the share is to become the property of the Society.

That said, there will be plenty of opportunities to renew your membership and we’ll be next to the PA in the main stand at the home matches.

For your convenience you can renew your membership:

  • In person – ask any Trust board member.
  • on-line at the bottom of this page where you can pay by Card or PayPal.
  • by cheque payable to “Brakes Trust” sent  to: Brakes Trust, 181 Cubbington Rd, L/Spa, CV32 7AU – please quote your name, initials and membership number (if you have it).
  • by Internet Banking Payment, please ask for details.
  • by completing and returning a membership form – download here.

We very much hope that you will renew your membership, to allow us to continue doing good things for the fans, for the club, and for the community.

Personal Data

We store member’s name, address, phone email and preference details for the purpose of maintaining our register of members as required by the FCA and for communication with our members, past and present. Members have the right to see what information we store (on them), have their history deleted and change details. Past members also have the right to removed from the list. Please contact us to request any of these actions. For full details please see our Privacy Policy.

Join / Renew on-line and pay by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card here …

Using this on-line form implies your explicit agreement to the above use of Personal Data.

For existing members, please indicate your membership number using the down-arrow next to “New Member”.

Adult Membership £5

Membership Number :

Junior Membership £2

Membership Number :

Postage 75p (if not chosen then we look forward to you collecting your card at a home game)

Contribution to PayPal Charges 50p
(please consider helping alleviate PayPal’s charges)

Donation to Share In Our Club Scheme £5
(it’s Our club)

Donation to The Brakes Trust £5 (thank you)

If renewing for someone other than the buyer please put a note in PayPal’s “Notes to Seller”.
If in doubt please contact us.

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