Proposed Modifications to WDC Local Plan

Notes on Proposed Modifications to WDC Local Plan.

The Local Plan is now in its final stage of consultation following modifications in response to the Planning Inspector’s recommendations.
Presumably once this is in place it runs until 2029 and housing developments might not be permitted outside planned areas – including any further along Harbury Lane towards the ground.

1) Community Stadium:

The map for H01 ‘Land West of Europa Way’ shows the outline of the whole area, but doesn’t show the area of the Community Stadium.

However the ‘FINAL_Schedule_of_Main_Mods …’ has changes which simplify the description of and still include the community stadium on page 10 (re H01) and pages 17 & 18 (Ref MM11 Policy DS14).

The amended text (p17) reads:

DS14 Allocation of Land for a Community Stadium and associated uses

Land at Myton, adjoining Warwick Technology Park, as shown on the Policies Map, will be is allocated as a Community Hub Stadium to provide a the following infrastructure and services community sports complex and complementary uses.


Explanatory Text:

2.60 The community hub will provide a focus for a range of community facilities which can support the new communities being established to the south of Warwick. The allocation of this land for a community stadium and associated uses will provide an opportunity to establish a sustainable location for a new stadium and sports facility for the area. A range of appropriate complementary uses could also be considered. Across the wider site to the West of Europa Way (H01), other services and facilities will also be required and could be provided within the area allocated for the Community Stadium.

2) Gypsy and Travellers Site:

The council has refined its commitment to a site on pages 48 and 49 (Ref MM39 Policy H7), it appears that the 5 year timeline starts from the adoption of the Local Plan:

This Council is therefore only also looking to provide permanent sites i.e. 31 pitches over a 15 year the plan period; 25 in the first 5 years. These pitches will be accommodated on a number of sites. each having a relatively small number of pitches.

And pages 49-50 (Ref MM40 Policy H8):

 H8 New Gypsy and Traveller Sites

Applications for new Gypsy and Traveller sites will be approved provided that:

  1. the site is within reasonable distance of schools, GP surgeries, dentists, hospitals, emergency services, shops and community facilities;
  2. the site would not result in permanent and transitory pitches being co-located;
  3. the site has good access to the major road network;
  4. the site is of a suitable size to accommodate between 5 and 10 up to 15 pitches for permanent sites or 12 pitches for temporary sites;
  5. it can be demonstrated that infrastructure requirements can be adequately met; and there is potential for the site to be adequately screened.
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