Proposed stadium move update

The Trust team recently had a meeting with Leamington FC board member Russell Davis for an update on the potential ground move and Gypsy and Traveller (GT) site.

Russell gave a broad outline on the state of play at the moment. There’s no headline news as such, and hence no open meetings or shareholder meetings. But things are progressing behind the scenes. Russell explained that there was a joint team in place, with representatives from Leamington FC Ltd and the council. An Officer (i.e. Project Manager) is to be appointed, employed by the council and reporting to the joint team.

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The spine road position is now fixed, so this determines the boundaries of the community stadium overall site. With this now in place, firmer figures can be determined from the enabling developments. (In simple terms, this is money raised by selling off parts of the land in order to fund the building of the stadium). Market testing for the enabling developments is ongoing, and Russell feels that this is going positively (in terms of the council being able to raise the required funds).

The Trust team queried the position with regard the GT site. Russell confirmed that the stadium project would be dependent upon the club selling the ground to the council for GT use.

In terms of stadium timescales – and subject to LFC Ltd shareholder approval of course – the club board aspire to see building commencing in March 2020, with a target of being in the stadium for the 2022 season. There is also an aspiration for the stadium to potentially be used as a support/training venue for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, coming to Birmingham.

Another issue widely discussed is the running of the stadium. At present the club have yet to decide which aspects to run in-house or outsource, but Russell advised that there is a lot of interest.

Even though there was no firm ‘new news’, the Trust team encouraged Russell to run another open evening at the club, just to give everyone an update on the current state of play.

We thank Russell for his time providing this update.

Trust members – if you have any comments or queries which you would like us to put to the club on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email or speak with Nick Rogers on a matchday. We are aware that there are different opinions within the fanbase with regard to the potential move, and we are committed to providing our members with impartial updates as we are able.