Sustain The Game – urgent support needed for local community football club

Update Weds 30th Sep’20 – in Parliament Matt Western MP questions Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston – who had previously said on 24th Sep’20 that elite sport will be expected to “look at ways in which it can support itself” through financial difficulties arising from the absence of fans.

Mon 28th Sep’20 – Letter to Matt Western MP:

Dear Matt,

As my local MP I hope you are already aware of the very difficult situation which our local community football club, Leamington FC, is facing due to the precautionary and preventative actions taken by the Government in the face of the ongoing threat posed by the Corona Virus.

Leamington FC plays a massive role in the community and brings a positive focus on the Leamington and Warwick area. Unlike some clubs Leamington FC has no exceptional financial support and exists due to the determination, support and ceaseless work by unpaid volunteers past and present.

While Leamington FC is prudently run this does not insulate it from the unexpected financial and organisational strains directly resulting from the Government’s actions.

The club, and its supporters, have done everything required of it to plan for a safe start to the postponed start of the 2020/21 season but without the safe return of supporters and financial support from the Government the future of this valuable community asset is in danger.

The supporters have done their bit by supporting a successful emergency fundraising campaign and will no doubt continue do whatever it takes  – but that could all be in vain unless the Government stops prevaricating and steps up to the mark  with immediate financial support for our national game – especially for clubs outside the Premier and Football League such as Leamington FC – these are the lifeblood of our local communities.

It seems that The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is forgetting the Sport part of its remit – having already given £1.5 Billion support to the Arts but nothing equivalent has been forthcoming for similarly affected football clubs.

I sincerely hope that you will do your best to persuade your parliamentary colleagues to bring pressure to bear on the powers that be for a swift and equitable solution.

Nick Rogers (Chairman – Brakes Trust)

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