To all Brakes fans

Well no-one can say it’s not been a nail-biting time for the Brakes in their second season in the Conference North, and, despite recent disappointments, it’s not over yet.

We’ve got three very important matches left and we need that extra bit of effort, support and possibly a bit of good fortune to stay up.

We’re not down yet, so let’s all put the moans to one side and get behind the team over the next few weeks and see if we can get enough points. There will be plenty of time for us all to debate and put things to right once the season has finished.

Personally, I have to pinch myself to remember how far we’ve all come in recent years – so the important thing to remember is, regardless of whether we stay up or go down, we are where we are due to the hard work and support of many Brakes fans and we are now recognised as an important part of the local community – so let’s keep it that way.

Meanwhile off the pitch I’d like to thank fellow Trust board members, Adrian Barton and Roy Sandison for their hard work for the Trust.

I hope I can do Adrian’s efforts justice as I follow him as chairman, if anyone has any issues to raise or would be interested in becoming more involved with the Trust then please don’t hesitate to talk to me or any of the Trust team.

Personally I would like to see the Trust’s membership, board and team to have a wider representation of the fan base, helpers, other Brakes and Lions teams, as well as the wider community – that way we will be able to continue to pursue our aims of:
For the fans.. for the club.. for the community“.

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers.

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