WW1 Commemorative Day – minibus

WW1 Charabanc

Special minibus service

In support of the WW1 Commemorative Day presented By Leamington FC in partnership with Warwick District Council the Brakes Trust are running our minibus to and from Cubbington, Lillington, Milverton, Emscote, Warwick, Leamington Rail Station, Tachbrook Road and Heathcote to the event at Leamington FC’s Stadium on Harbury Lane.

Stop Where Morning Afternoon
A Rugby Tavern (bus stop opp) 10:50 01:50
B Cubbington Road (Tesco layby bus stop) 10:51 01:51
C Lillington Ave / Arlington Ave 10:52 01:52
D Milverton: Rugby Rd old Binswood Tavern 10:54 01:54
E Milverton: Rubgy Rd Fat Pug / shops 10:55 01:55
F Milverton: Rugby Rd opp Vauxhall
10:56 01:56
H Emscote Rd / opp Elephant & Castle 11:00 02:00
I Emscote Rd / opp Lord Nelson 11:01 02:01
J St.Johns (bus stop opp shops) 11:05 02:05
K Banbury Rd / St Nicholas Park 11:08 02:08
L Myton Rd / Brittain Lane 11:10 02:10
M Old Warwick Rd / Morrisons 11:12 02:12
N Leamington Railway Station (across car park and up steps to bus stop on Old Warwick Rd) 11:15 02:15
O Tachbrook Rd / Bury Rd 11:17 02:17
P Tachbrook Rd / Charlotte St 11:18 02:18
Q Tachbrook Rd / Windmill Inn 11:19 02:19
R Tachbrook Rd / Heathcote 11:20 02:20
S Tachbrook Rd / Othello Ave 11:21 02:21
T New Windmill Ground 11:25 02:25

The minibus will wait for the stated time at Emscote Road (opp Elephant & Castle) and Leamington Station.

We will be doing return runs from the ground at 1pm and 5pm, please wait at the ‘bus – first come first served. We will do more than one return run if needed.

*Times are approximate, please allow for the bus to be a few minutes early or late.
New Minibus Graphics
The MiniBus has 16 passenger seats it will be first come first served. If full outbound we will return for an additional short run from the Station/Tachbrook Road.

The cost will be £1 each way for everyone.

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