Brakes Legends

Brakes Legends can be found at legends.brakestrust.comThis week sees the unveiling of the Brakes Trust’s newest project, Brakes Legends.   The tag Legend is associated to someone held in high regard, its also true to say, that everyone has footballing Legends for a number of different reasons, including; hitting the winning goal in a cup final, being ever present in midfield, clearing the ball from the line in the 89th minute against your local rivals, or playing for the club, and moving up the leagues.

The initiative will involve the enrolling of players from over the years into a Hall of Fame, which will be located online, at  The Trust have been working closely with Paul Vanes, Paul Edwards & Stephen Gilmour to ensure that combined knowledge comes together to provide a library of information to the fans, and also celebrate the efforts of former players, both since the rebirth of Leamington FC and before.  Players, where possible, will be presented with a membership card to the Legends, which will entitle them to free home league fixtures up at the club, and where possible, be unveiled to the fans at half time during the season.  The Trust will also host an End of Season meal, with Legends invited to attend, to give Q&A, share stories of their involvement at the football club and what the football club and community meant to them.  Tickets will be made available to fans once a date has been arranged with the club.

So how do you get involved?

Well first of all, we’d like to hear who your Legend is.  This initiative is all about the fans and the community, sharing this information and debating, so if you would like to nominate an ex-player, ex-chairman or ex-manager, then we’re providing a page on the website for you to tell us your thoughts.  We’ll also be working closely with the club to ensure that we capture everyone, so we’ll be conducting a quick questionnaire on the turnstyles for those who don’t have the Internet.  Do you need to be a member of the Trust ? not at all, although its a Trust initiative, it’s a project for all those involved in Leamington FC, a project by the fans, for the fans.

Secondly, if you have photos or press cuttings you’d like to provide us about the specific Legends being unveiled, then can we borrow them.  We can scan then and return them to you quickly.

When will the first Legend be enrolled?

The first Legend will be enrolled on Saturday, at the first home game of the season, against Hitchin, at half time.

Who will be the first Legend?

We can’t tell you that right now, but keep an eye out on the Courier, the Legends website, the Club Programme, and of course, during the game on Saturday.