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Brakes 1949 Team Photo Bill Draper

Bill Draper RIP

RICHARD WILLIAM WALTER ‘Bill’ DRAPER born Leamington 26th September 1932 and died in Leamington March 2015

Ken Jones RIP

RICHARD KENNETH ‘Ken’ JONES born Llanelli 16th April 1926, died Coventry March 2015

Malcolm Kavanagh RIP

We hear the sad news that Malcolm Kavanagh has passed away.
Funeral Yardley Crematorium Weds 17th Dec @ 1pm.

Tommy Morrow RIP

Funeral: Monday 6th, October at the crematorium on Eastboro Way, Attleborough, Nuneaton – opposite Liberty Way.

AP Leamington 1982-1983 The Championship Winning Team

Jack Chapman RIP

Former Brakes trainer/coach Jack Chapman has recently passed away.

Gerry Kavanagh RIP

Former Brakes defender Gerry Kavanagh passed away in his sleep

Eddie Holding RIP

HOLDING EDWIN JOHN – Eddie born 15 October 1930 died 09 February 2014

Westlea Wanderers (Barry Whitlock far right).

Barry Whitlock RIP

BARRY ‘NAT’ WHITLOCK born 9 September 1945 died Thursday 25 July 2013

Brakes team photo from Precision April 1949

Frank Gardner RIP

FRANK LESLIE GARDNER – Born 2nd April 1922 died 20th April 2013

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