Ground move survey results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer our survey regarding the ground move issue. Here are the results:

1. Are you aware of the current proposals to relocate the ground and the upcoming EGM?
Yes 125
No 8
Don’t know 0
Total votes 133

2. Are you a shareholder?

Yes 37
No 99
Total votes 136


3. Will you be attending the EGM?

Yes 39
No 71
Don’t know 24
Total votes 134


4. Based on what you know at present, how would you vote at the EGM?

Yes 67
No 21
Don’t know 34
Total votes 122


5. Do you think there will be benefits from moving nearer to town and into a community stadium?

Yes 103
No 13
Don’t know 13
Total votes 129


6. Are you happy with ground ownership moving from fully owned outright to long term leasing (150 yr)?

Yes 69
No 45
Don’t know 18
Total votes 132


7. Are you concerned about who the current ground could be sold to?

Yes 36
No 99
Don’t know 0
Total votes 135


8 Are you a member of the Brakes Trust?

Yes 35
No 91
Total votes 126


With around 130 people polled per question, we believe that these results are representative of the fanbase.

The majority of attending fans, almost three quarters, are not shareholders.

Although a majority were in favour of the proposal, there was a significant proportion undecided. However it should be noted that the survey was conducted outside the turnstiles, whilst the club were leafletting the whole fanbase with a lot of further information downstream of our position.

A significant proportion are concerned about who the ground could be sold to, around a quarter of those surveyed.

Over 50% are okay with the ground ownership changing.

The next step for the Trust is to formally ballot our members. This will happen this week, by post and email. Please look out for communication from us and have your say – it will define how the Trust votes at the EGM.

We have opened comments to this post – see below. As always, we have to moderate comments due to Russian spammers, but after a short delay your message should appear. We welcome any feedback and interpretation on these results. Thank you.

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