Inaugural Annual General Meeting newsflash

The Brakes Trust held a successful first Annual General Meeting on
Thursday 18 November at the New Windmill Ground, starting 8pm.

Steering Group, which stood down at the AGM
Chris Baker
Peter Bowen
Peter Davis
Pauline Fletcher
Nick Hallworth
Lee Matthews
Nick Rogers
Paul Sandison
James Saunders

(The first) Brakes Trust Board , which was elected at the AGM
Peter Bowen
Peter Davis
Jim Miller
Nick Rogers
Paul Sandison
Roy Sandison

Click here for biographies of the Trust Board members (PDF)

Click here for up-to-date Trust membership report (PDF)

Click here for Financial report presented at AGM (Winzip file)

Original notice and invitation to members

Since the launch, the Trust has been managed by a Steering Group comprising the volunteers who signed the paperwork which formed the Society. Now, at our first AGM, this Steering Group will stand down to allow a democratically-elected Board to be created. Anyone interested in standing for election is encouraged to do so, and all of the necessary details and instructions are on the AGM Notice which can be downloaded below. The Trust is gathering momentum, and this is a great opportunity to do some good work for the fans, for the club, and for the community at large.

The Steering Group felt, for good reasons, that time was needed following the official launch to prepare for the first AGM. Democracy needs members to ensure that it functions correctly, and the Steering Group campaigned hard to reach out to Brakes fans. The aim was to attract as many members as possible before the AGM, and we have compiled a healthy database of 118 fans and counting.

The meeting will be open to both members and non-members of the Trust, however only members will be allowed to speak and vote. The meeting agenda will include a presentation about the Trust and an open Q&A session at the end. A buffet will be provided and refreshments will be available from the bar.

If you’re unable to attend the meeting then you can nominate another person to attend and vote on your behalf. This person doesn’t need to be a member of the Trust.

Many thanks once again for your support, and we will look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Downloadable files:

AGM Notice (PDF format) *

Application forms (in Word format) for:
Standing for election to the Trust Board
Registering interest in being co-opted or being on a working group
Nomination of a proxy for the AGM

The AGM Notice is a PDF file which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
This is a free download from the following web address:
If you have any difficulties opening the Notice then please contact us and a paper copy will be sent to you.

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