New board member on the team

The Brakes Trust is delighted to welcome Keith Hancock as a co-opted member of the Trust board.

As a longstanding fan, Keith will be a familiar face to many. Born and raised in Leamington, he’s been a Brakes fan since 1957 when his uncle Sid (who was a committee member) took him to the old Windmill Ground.

In the 60s he began work as a gas engineer with British Gas, and at the same time became a bass guitarist – thus having a daytime career in the gas industry and a night time career in the music industry. He has played various genres over the years and toured Canada, Germany, Ireland and most of Britain. He’s now “technically retired” but still rocking twice a week!

Keith was previously the chairman of the Friends of Leamington FC, the Supporters Club, match day PA announcer and a member of the scrubbers club. Of course he’s also one of the folk who helped to build the New Windmill Ground, as well as Berties, and founder of the junior section.

Keith writes:
“I decided to stand for the Trust board as I passionately believe in this club and realise that you cannot change something from the outside. So I’d like to thank everyone for voting me on, and I look forward to reestablishing the Brakes as a unified club, first team, youth, juniors and lions and supporters. Together we can climb.”

The full Trust board is now:
Nick Rogers, Chairman
Peter Davis, Vice Chairman
Andrew Calcutt
Adrian Barton
Graham Hobbins
Keith Hancock

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  1. Nick Rogers says:

    I’d like to add my personal welcome to Keith. He brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the Trust board. In particular he has a thought provoking vision for the future of the club as whole, including the associated junior Brakes, Lions and Youth set-ups.

    In general I’d like to add that the Trust is not about any one person’s point of view and the more varied the make-up of the Trust board and the Trust membership is then the better we can promote the interests of supporters, the club and links to the wider community. As individuals we may not agree with all of each other’s views and opinions but we all have these interests at heart.

    Meanwhile I’d encourage anyone wishing to add their views and opinions to the mix to apply to be co-opted to the Trust board. Co-opting Trust board members helps us refresh our efforts and diversify our outlook. Co-opted Trust board members can then be up for election to the Trust board at the next Trust General Meeting.

    Nick Rogers.

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