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NWG – Almost There

One last effort required. Despite the inclement weather last Saturday, volunteers managed to get a fair bit of the work done and in particular most of the jobs that required some muscle and physical effort. The development ground works are still on schedule and likely to be largely completed by the end of this week.

However, we desperately need about 20 of you to turn up this Thursday between 6.30-8.30pm to lay some astro turf, wash advertising boards plus sweep pathways and terracing.

We need the numbers to move the astro so don’t leave it to someone else. One last push for your club, it’s all that we want. You will also be able to see the players being put through their paces on the training pitch.

Thu 3 Jul 2014:
The closed season break has been busier than usual at the NWG. The unsung team of volunteers (aka the Scrubbers) have performed a mammoth task to install ground and facilities improvements at the ground, and all Brakes fans are indebted to them.

So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and join in as the club asks for volunteers to give up a bit of time this week-end:

NWG – Wash and Brush Up

Volunteers are wanted on Saturday 5th July to help get the NWG looking ‘spic and span’ for the new season.  Much of this work is normally done by the ‘Band of Scrubbers’ but they have been massively engaged in delivering the ground improvement works scheduled to be completed by 13th July and thus there remains a lot of tidying up to be done.

Jobs include hedge cutting; painting; washing of stands, pitch perimeter fencing and advertising boards; general tidying up and brushing of pathways; laying of astro turf; and general maintenance. We would love to get 30-40 of you there as a minimum and any hours you can give will be greatly appreciated.  Refreshments and food will be provided.

Club staff will be at the ground from 8am-4pm.  The club has a certain amount of brushes and associated cleaning equipment but anyone who can bring along their own brush, shovel, wheelbarrow, jet wash or other cleaning material would be helping greatly.  Come along and have a fun day and contribute to a sparkling NWG.  There’s a job for all.

Thu 3 Jul 2014:
Warwick1100But don’t use up all you energies, leave a bit of time to get over to Warwick School, where the Brakes Trust is continuing our concerted effort to publicise the Club and the Trust to the wider community.

The Trust will have a stand at the Warwick 1100 Years Commemoration Festival. Test your skill and score with the newly acquired Wall of Goal Holes!

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