Leamington Town ShirtThe shirt pictured was from the last game played by Leamington Town in 1937. Dick Askew handed the shirt over to Les Spreckley stating he wouldn’t be needing the shirt any longer. In later times Les gave the shirt to Terry Willoughby.

During July of 2012 The Leamington Spa Museum will be holding an exhibition of local historic sporting memories across the town to celebrate the Olympic year and the shirt will feature. After the exhibition, for a loan period of no more than 5 years the shirt will be on ‘permanent’ display at the Museum. This will be a fitting place to host the shirt to remind the town of the rich, varied successful football club the town has.

Terry has given his blessing for the shirt to be presented to the museum.

To ensure this is done professionally, the Brakes Trust are asking for donations to help cover the costs.

The shirt must be placed into an environment where it cannot be easily damaged, for this we must hire the services of a conservator, who has an understanding of such worn garments and historical costumes.

The shirt, when ready, will be placed into a frame for a permanent display. The frame will then be sealed and handed to the Leamington Museum. The total cost of these services will amount to approximately £500.

So far we have the following donations, £40 by Kevin Watson and £100 David Hucker.

To help with these costs, the Windmill Wonderland Independent Leamington fanzine will be available on saturday (£1) and all proceeds donated to this fund. Graham Moody and MinutemenPress kindly printed the edition for no cost. The fanzine also hosts further details about the shirt.

Public Appeal for historical items relating to Leamington F.C.
Please spread the word amongst your friends and family, as we not only want cash to help, but we also are requesting if you have other historical clothing items, medals, trophies, memories, stories. These are needed not only for the exhibition but also to help with a historical book Paul Vanes is putting together that will chart the entire 120+ years of Leamington’s senior football history (in its various guises).

Contact the Brakes Trust
Stay in touch with the progress of the shirt fundraising on the trust website.

Contact Paul Vanes for any memories etc

Or send details to the fanzine

Update: thanks to generous contributions from many sources, the shirt has been professionally preserved and framed. After being exhibited at the Leamington Spa Museum as part of the local celebration of the 2012 Olympics and local sporting achievements, the shirt is now on permanent display at the Leamington FC club-house, the New Windmill Gorund, Harbury Lane.

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