Warwick District Council Local Plan – Community Stadium

In the meeting documents of WDC’s Executive Committee on 5th Nov’14 the document for agenda item 13, appendix 1,  has the description for Site H01 (land west of Europa Way) amended to include land for a Community Stadium:

the amendments are described in item 2 of the table on page 3:

Amend the following in relation to Land West of Europa Way
Number of dwellings: 1190 1300
Area of Employment Land: 8ha
Infrastructure requirements and other uses:
add “Community Stadium and associated uses”.

Appendix 1 also has before and after maps on pages 7 & 8, with the amended map showing an area east of Warwick Technology Park in yellow with vertical gray hatching of about 7.84 acres.

WDC Amended Local Plan Community Stadium 30Oct14The extended educational use area, south of Myton School, is also shown with red hatching and the rest of the yellow hatched area is for residential development.

In appendix 2, regarding the proposed use of the Stratford Road site in Warwick as a Gypsy and Traveller Site, there is partial confirmation of the conditional allocation of the NWG:

2.4 We are seeking your views on the potential Gypsy & Traveller site based on the above, which, if found to be suitable, could become one of three sites that we would take forward as allocations through the Local Plan. The other two sites are:
• Land at Europa Way for a total of 6 transit and one permanent pitch
Leamington Football Club, Harbury Lane for a total of 15 permanent pitches
Both of these sites have already been appraised and consulted upon during previous stages of the Plan and have been confirmed as sites to be allocated (subject to the Football Club relocating to an acceptable site elsewhere).

The club have issued a statement on  leamingtonfc.co.uk:

Warwick District Council Local Plan

Some of you may be aware from the Council’s website that papers very recently submitted to a forthcoming meeting of the Executive Committee of the Council amongst other things recommend a change in use of an area of land to the north of Gallows Hill and a consequential change to the Council’s draft Local Plan. Reference is made in the papers to the “allocation of land for a community stadium and associated uses” and a plan included in those papers refers to part of that land as a “community hub”.

As you know, the Board’s discussions with the Council over a possible new site for the Club have been taking place for quite some time. These discussions are still ongoing and the location for a proposed community stadium, as referred to in the Council papers, is simply another possible new site for the Club that is currently under consideration.

We would emphasise that no decisions have yet been made by the Board nor have any agreements been reached by the Club with any other parties on a new site for the Club. We will update you on any significant developments regarding any possible new site for the Club and will continue to consult with you before any important decisions on this issue need to be taken.

Jim Scott
On behalf of Board of Directors


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